4D Scans From A 4D Baby!

Please check out our Special Offer page to see how you can get a 4D scan for only £37.50 Including a DVD.

A 4D Baby, established in 2005, has a reputation for providing quality scans at a price people can afford. A recent quote from a client “It is so rare nowadays to find a company that genuinely provides such a good quality service at a reasonable price.” A 4D Baby recently became CQC registered, a smooth process as A 4D Baby has always provided a professional service to its clients, so was already meeting standards required by the CQC.

The principles of A 4D Baby are to provide the best possible service to our clients at the lowest price possible which is why we have over 14000 happy clients, who recommend us to their friends.

In general our scans are 50% cheaper than our competitors and the only way for our competitors to touch our prices is to give a 50% discount. We have always employed fully qualified Sonographers to carry out the scans and we use the GE Voluson 730Pro (the same as our competitors) There is only one simple reason that we are cheaper than our competitors and that is that we do not make as much profit.

All our locations have been specially chosen with our clients in mind so they are easy to find and offer the benefit of free parking. Our studio at Martlesham has shops, a pub and a park (with a childrens’ play area) nearby. Bishops Stortford is a 5minute walk from the train station or 10 mins drive from Stansted Airport and again has a pub, shops and park (with play area) nearby. In Norwich we are now back at the Mercure (previously The Ramada Jarvis) where there is a TV (usually with the football on!) a restaurant and Bar area. You won’t find any of our studios on an Industrial Estate or in a Hospital or Doctors Surgery and we would not expect our clients to wait for their scan sat in a corridor.

At A 4D Baby we know that sometimes things happen on the day of your appointment, for example your car breaks down or one of your children suddenly becomes sick. We should keep hold of your deposit, as the fact you have missed your appointment has cost money, as the staff still have to be paid, however we don’t. We only ever keep your deposit if you don’t show up for your appointment and you don’t contact us. Your deposit can be as little as £10 but we do need a deposit as we have found 99% of those that don’t pay deposits don’t keep their appointment.

As a company you will never find us discriminating between our clients by offering large discounts to some and not others, depending on where they live. All our clients benefit from low prices no matter what time of the year it is or what area it is that they come from.

All our scans qualify for a free re-scan whether you spend £55 or £135, it is not a benefit reserved only for those choosing the more expensive scans.

We have not ever and will not ever charge clients extra if they are having twins, with twins please bear in mind that it is usual to get good pictures of one baby but not so good of the other.

All our staff will do their best to get good pictures for you on the day. No matter which scan you choose to have please be prepared to be with us for a while as some babies take over 2 hours before they will move into a good position for pictures, most appointments take about 45-60 mins.

All our 4D scans include sexing of the baby, DVD and two thermal images. No matter which scan you choose you will be afforded the same time and patience in order to get the best results we can.

In 2008 we won "Most Family Friendly Business of 2008" by The Best Of Ipswich because "It provides a professional baby scanning service in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. The staff are friendly and helpful and the prices are very reasonable."

Because we can offer a good service at a really low price there are those who try to disparage us. It has recently come to my attention that a baby forum has been used to write some completely abhorrent and untrue comments directed at us. If you have seen/heard any disparaging comments please contact us so that we can take action against those who commit slander and libel against us. Also a competitor has copied images from our advertising in order to promote themselves. Whilst it’s flattering that they feel the need to copy us, it is a copyright issue so please let us know if you see our pictures being used elsewhere.

If you live in the following areas we have a studio near you Ipswich, Stowmarket, Stansted, Felixstowe, Colchester, Bury St Edmunds, Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth, Lakenheath, Mildenhall, Thetford, Norwich, Diss, Swaffham, Kings Lynn, Newmarket, Cambridge, Bishops Stortford, Huntingdon, Hertford, Peterborough, Luton, Harlow, Stevenage, Braintree and Welwyn Garden city.

We have 100% accuracy on 2D scans over 20 weeks. 2D scans now available from 17 weeks, but you may need a free re-scan as we cannot always accurately sex at 17 weeks. We recommend a 4D scan is best 26-28 weeks and for twins from 23 weeks. Our free re-scans are only available to those 2D scans over 17 weeks (who bring their notes) and 4D scans over 24 weeks (23 weeks for twins).


A4DBaby - Business Awards 2008 Winner